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Aashi Shrinate

Research Scholar in Control and Automation in IITK

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I am a PhD student at IIT Kanpur in Control and Automation. I received the PMRF fellowship in Cycle-10, Jan 2023.

My PhD advisors are Dr Twinkle Tripathy and Prof Laxmidhar Behera.

My research interests include Opinion dynamics in Multiagent framework and graph theory.

Opinion Modeling

'A lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is putting on its shoes' wrote Mark Twain 

 Diverse opinions exist in a society, which is important for a healthy democracy. However, due to spread of fake news and echo chamber effect due to social media, societies are getting polarised.
A correlation between social networks and polarised society is established in empirical studies.

My research objective is to analyze the process of opinion evolution and model the occurrence of polarised behaviour. I work on identifying network properties and external influences that make individuals more susceptible to polarization. My objective is to design network properties that lead to the clustering of opinions.

Opinion dynamics models find application in autonomous decision-making in multiagent systems where agents cooperate/compete to achieve a desired goal.  Multiagent systems are now employed extensively in warehouses, rescue operations, etc. Task distribution among agents and distributed coordination among agents to achieve desired global behaviour can be solved by achieving the desired clustering of opinions.


Democrats and Republican ideology has seperated over time



Desired Clustering of Opinions

  • Clustering of opinions achieved in a signed digraph

  • Clustering of opinions according to a predefined clustering vector

  • Methodology to design a Clustering matrix for a given clustering vector is proposed.

  • Comparison drawn with Laplacian Matrix


Nonlinear opinion dynamics using disagreement Laplacian Flows

  • Proposed disagreement based nonlinear opinion model

  • Bipartite Consensus achieved in structurally balanced strong

  • Arbitrary Clustering achieved in structurally unbalanced graph with structurally balanced roots of spanning trees


Cooperative Laplacian flows with Bias

  • Stability conditions for opinion evolution in a weakly connected graph are obtained

  • Methodology to obtain desired clustering by design of control input is proposed.



Shrinate, Aashi, Twinkle Tripathy, and Laxmidhar Behera. "Clustering of Opinions in Antagonistic Networks." 2023 Ninth Indian Control Conference (ICC). IEEE, 2023. (Accepted)

Shrinate, Aashi, Twinkle Tripathy, and Laxmidhar Behera. "Nonlinear Opinion Dynamics using Disagreement Laplacian Flows in Antagonistic Networks." 2022 Eighth Indian Control Conference (ICC). IEEE, 2022.


I. Pandey, R. Verma, A. Shrinate and D. Guha, "Robust Disturbance Observer-Based Optimal Controller Design for Hybrid Power System by using Kharitonov's Theorem," 2019 IEEE 16th India Council International Conference (INDICON), 2019, pp. 1-4.

Education and Work Experience



June -July 2018


PhD Scholar in Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur.

CPI 9.5.

Associate Engineer, SVE 

Qualcomm Bangalore

Summer Intern


B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, MNNIT ALLAHABAD

CPI 8.15

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